Web Tasar1m

We at Gamikro as a Game+Web design team, our aim is to bring our game sites ahead with PHP-oriented web design and to bring joy to children by making fun games with Unity3D.

You can find out the details in WebTasar1m in the link.
Web page design does not only consist of visual elements. The infrastructure of the web page and the running system are as important as the colors. If you only care about visual elements, only those who have to come will see the beauty of your page. However, if the web page infrastructure is properly configured with the necessary design, your page will be displayed at the top of all search engines. Since many companies and institutions are not aware of this, they appear in the back pages of the searches and pay advertising fees to be in the front, and some even pay advertising fees, but not on the top, but on the right and see this as useful. Better quality What Design and a stronger infrastructure will always show you at the forefront. It also pays less advertising fees, like a top-ranked web page. The right site design will always be helpful:

Bubble Pop Ball

Bubble Pop Ball game history; After adding new features to the ball game "Bubble Pop", which we first published in 2014, we changed the game name and updated the advanced version in October 2023. Download and play the game from Google-play and apple-store.

  • More visitors
  • Higher return rate
  • The right audience
  • High gain

Mario Games

Mario games are one of the oldest and most beautiful platform games known, without metroid, mario game would have ranked first for me, the character created by Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto first appeared as a good character in a game called donkey kong, then as a jump-man. He created his own world under the name of super mario, because mario is an italian name, nintendo couldn't get the copyrights and it was forced to go with a patched name (super mario), later it was renewed as mario brothers(bros) by adding the sister character luigi to make a two player game. Currently, millions of children and adults play mario games. As a game developer, as a respect to the master, it would not go without mentioning the character of mario, for mario and other details Mario

File Extensions

The first site we established was TR3D, but the website I opened to serve a larger audience was a site that gave information about File Extensions. As technology developed, people moved away from file extensions, but we did not neglect to open a site to inform the world about files.

New Red Ball

The first platform game we made, the red ball game (Red Ball) is still available in three different markets, the other While some companies only target iphone and android markets, we targeted three different markets even at the initial design stage of the game. Actually, we wanted to enter the blackberry market as well, but due to the extreme criteria of this company, Ltd. We were not accepted because we are not a company or a major producer. With this company that was already sinking, we sailed towards new games without wasting time, the red ball can be found in the market with the name `New red ball` in English.

Gold Miner

The gold-miner game I`m currently working on, is played in many countries around the world, it's a stress-free and addictive gold miner game that took its place in our game list, Gold miner remains in the lead as a fun skill game. If we were going to make a better game, we would probably make a mmorpg game, that is, a multiplayer game played with more than two people.

Php Codes - Php Tutorials

As a teacher, there is no need to say other than `I love to teach`. I enjoy teaching everything I know. It is also fun to rank first among websites, especially in Turkiye. Let`s say this is the plus of knowing php and web design. I will continue to make more sites as I get positive feedback from people about the beautiful sites I have made. For anyone learning PHP coding and curious about programming: go and learn, Most of the lessons are my own work.

Game2D - 3D

The most comprehensive one of our mass production game sites, but the part I realized later is that Turkey's population is 70 million, the world population is 7 billion. So 100 times more crowded. If you are doing something for money for Türkiye, do not forget this promise; When you make a site targeting the world, your earnings can be 100 times more. If you don't believe it, give it a try, not 100 but 5 times.