mario Mario is a game character produced by Shigeru Miyamoto. Hundreds of different game versions have been released by the Nintendo company and are now leaders in their field like Sonic and PacMan.

In 1998, flash game sites were very popular and visited, at that time we started making flash games with our Php experience. However, under the leadership of Adobe and with the support of Apple, Macromedia-Flash was taken down and the flash game world was over.

Gold Miner

We continue to serve the gaming world with our games on the Gamikro website, which is currently live. Mario is not played as much as it used to be because it cannot keep up with the caravan of mobile phone games. However, Mario, who shows that he is still alive with his last movie, keeps his place in the back pages. Even today, everyone loves the potbelly and energetic sewer repairman.

Gold Miner, bouncing and bouncing like Mario and playing by two people at the same time we made a game. But he didn't get as much attention as Mario because his belly wasn't too big :)
I added the link, android and iphone versions are available.