Web search Engine and Game search engine

Web Tasar1m What Does Google Search Engine Mean?
Google is a directory system that allows you to find a page easily when you search for a page on the internet.
Before Google, search engines such as Altavista and Yahoo were used, and similar index systems such as digg.it and similar index systems came to the fore at different times, but they lost their popularity over time and moved to dimensions unknown to the new generation. . Google firm became the leader in the sector with the Google-Maps application.

Google`s rivals are still trying to develop better algorithms and get ahead, but they still can`t compete with systems produced specifically for Chinese and Russian searches alongside Bing.
The search engine uses a proprietary algorithm designed to retrieve and rank search results, the purpose of which is to provide the most relevant and reliable data sources possible. On the other hand, Google still does not have a perfect system because there is a human factor involved. There will always be hackers, especially those who cheat on search results and try to highlight their customers. Because the money at the end of the business is at the level of billions of dollars.

Finally new searches offered by google and ios to Game search engines use word-oriented search system, important detail: Many Since the little child does not know how to write, they search for games by using voice search. Understanding the child's language can give other good results.