What is Web Tasar1m

I opened "WebTasar1m" web site in 2011, Our aim was primarily to serve people by using PHP and CSS coding systems.

The word "WEB" refers to pages on the Internet pages known all over the world. The second word we researched during this period was "DESIGN", which was a country-wide search word among those who had a website built.

Although the combination of the two words was meaningful, the necessity of using English was essential. Despite all my research, all website domain names using the word "DESIGN" were taken and seemed impossible. For this reason, I took the domain name "WebTasar1m" as a word pair that would at least be understood by local country customers.

Over time, I added Game Search to the website as coding and more technological content needs were needed. In the future, we will also use the word "3D GAME" to serve in the fields of "VIRTUAL REALITY" and "AUGMENTED REALITY".

The business vision will proceed in the following order.

  • 2D Games.
  • 3D Games.
  • Virtual Reality Games.
  • Augmented Reality Games
  • Multiplayer Games.
  • Game Machine Console Games.